Why Copywriters Need Wireframes?

Creation of a wireframe is an essential part of any design process. It helps to build the data hierarchy in your design. If you have never…

Creation of a wireframe is an essential part of any design process. It helps to build the data hierarchy in your design. If you have never heard about it, it is time to learn more about it.

A wireframe is helpful when determining location and format of elements in the layout of a future article. It enables the possibility to preview how the target audience will interact with information before it is published.

Whether you want to present an essay writing service product or your own article in the blog or a website, a wireframe will make information look engaging and well-structured.

What Is A Wireframe?

A wireframe is referred to as a technical document, composed of lines, blocks, signatures, and other elements. It is frequently compared to a light copy of a construction project as both documents serve the same purpose. Usually, it does not include any graphics, colour, or styling.

What Is The Purpose Of A Wireframe?

A wireframe is used for planning the way of users’ interaction with the interface. It allows a you to plan element placement and interaction with the interface without being distracted by choice of colour, font, or even text. One uses it to structure content of articles in blogs and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Here are the main functions of a wireframe:

  • Shows paths between pages to connect information architecture of the website and its visual design;
  • Determines content priority by determining the amount of space required for the allocation of a specific object;
  • Determines intended functionality in the interface;
  • Ensures that the app or website is developed following the objectives set;
  • Emphasizes consistent methods for display of specific information on the user interface;
  • Ensures objective assessment of navigation, link names, features placement, etc.

Types Of Wireframes

One categorizes wireframes into four types:

  • Basic or low-fidelity rendering. This type is considered to be very simple page schematics. It typically designed in black and white.
  • Annotated. It enhances a basic wireframe with a variety of features, such as brief notes, which are located on the side or bottom of a wireframe.
  • The user flow. This wireframe type can include a slideshow or a collection, making it a fully interactive wireframe.
  • Interactive high definition. This type allows for more extensive interaction (e.g., clicks, taps, and swipes) within and between individual wireframes.

Standard Wireframe Components

There is a diverse choice of wireframes. It all depends on the website’s intended audience. Nonetheless, they all have the same set of standard components:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Body content
  • Contact details
  • The footer
  • Headings (page headlines and sub-headlines)
  • A logo
  • Navigation systems, which contain both global and local navigation
  • Search bar
  • Buttons for sharing

Top 5 Best Wireframe Builders

On the market, there is a wide range of wireframe building tools that allow for the quick and easy creation of wireframes. Here are five best tools one can use for that:

  • Mockplus is a unique product design platform that is used for creating interactive wireframes and mobile app prototyping. It offers the possibility to share and test designs on PCs and mobile gadgets.
  • Balsamiq Wireframes is a wireframe design tool with a large library of UI elements and templates. It allows users to create, test, and share designs quickly.
  • Figma is a platform, running in the cloud. It is an excellent choice for collaborative wireframe development.
  • Pencil Project is a free graphical tool for creating wireframes, mockups, and prototyping. It works well on Mac and Windows. It has a large collection of interactive elements and templates. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, makes it an ideal option for beginners.
  • NinjaMock is web page and mobile apps creation and testing solution. It enables fast and effective building of a wireframe. Its library contains a lot of interactive elements. It offers the possibility of sharing with customers and making changes in real time.

How To Create A Basic Wireframe

Creating a wireframe necessitates a combination of research analysis, as well as intuition. Aside from that, you will need to prepare information that will be uploaded later:

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  • Maintaining a blog or a website also requires time, effort, and advanced technical skills. You can greatly simplify the task by entrusting content creation to custom research paper writing services, allowing you to focus on what you really enjoy instead.

Having all things done, it is time to try to create a wireframe and see how the information will look after publishing. The process of building a wireframe involves the following steps:

  • Determine the target objective of your website.
  • Decide how you want a user to interact with the website’s interface.
  • Select a wireframe creation tool.
  • Set the size of the document.
  • Create blocks that will contain information and images. You can create more exciting designs by drawing inspiration from EpicPxls wireframes. As a result, you will learn how to arrange elements on your website so that information appears in the best way for user perception.
  • Add some buttons and links for users.
  • Add text to ensure that the information is well-structured. Use a variety of text fonts. Thus, you will be able to determine whether your website has an appropriate structure.
  • Once you have made the necessary changes, you can convert a wireframe into a design layout.

As you can see, a wireframe is an extremely useful tool for any copywriter. It allows him to determine whether he provided all relevant information in his article and structured it good enough to reach the intended audience.

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