Top 10 Free, Fun, Food-Related Icons For The Foodies At Heart!

Who doesn’t eat food? All of us do! In order for us to survive, we need to eat and consume the right amount of sustenance every day. There…

Top 10 Free, Fun, Food-Related Icons For The Foodies At Heart!

Who doesn’t eat food? All of us do! In order for us to survive, we need to eat and consume the right amount of sustenance every day. There is no doubt that food is a part of our basic necessities.

While most of us see food as a necessary thing that needs to be consumed, some love it more than the average person. There are some people that make blog posts, videos, or reviews about the food. Some of them have a gift in the art of cooking, and perhaps they want to make a living out of this talent that they have by selling their food online.

That’s where we come in! If you’re one of these people, then you should definitely check out these 10 high-quality food-related icons, and the best part is that all of them are free!

1. Cafe and Street Food Icons

Cafe and Street Food Icons — Owl Design on Epicpxls

There is beauty in simplicity. Created by Owl Design, this food icon set is simple, minimalistic, and easy on the eyes. It uses the colors red and yellow, which are used by most fast food companies, because of how it makes the person feel hungry when they look at it. Use this to your advantage, when designing your own online food web page or food app. Download it here.

2. Remy — 50 Food Icons

Remy — 50 Food Icons — Matthew Skiles on Epicpxls

Remy is a food icon set that was created by Matthew Skiles. As simple as it may look, these are not ordinary-looking icons. It is beautifully drawn, and if you look closely, you can see the subtle hints of shading. An artistic set of icons like these are a must-have, especially when you’re planning to make your own food app. Download it here.

3. 9 Free Colorful Food Icons

Free Colorful Food Icons — Phap Design on Epicpxls

Suitable for logos and brandings, these cartoonish-looking icons were made by Phap Design. It is fun, stylistic, and uses bright colors to create these pretty icons. Upon looking at it, it seems as if these icons radiate positive and cheerful energy. If you want to download this icon set, click here.

4. Free Vector Line Icon Set

Free Vector Line Icon Set — Aleksey Salmin on Epicpxls
Free Vector Line Icon Set — Aleksey Salmin on Epicpxls

Aleksey Salmin gave us these minimalistic, elegant icons that are perfectly made for food apps, food-related websites, and more. This set is made of up icons of animals, drinks, kitchen tools, knives, street food, sausage, food, bottles, and canned goods. If you dig this style, click here to download this icon set.

5. Handdrawn Cooking Icons Set

Handdrawn Cooking Icons Set — Agata Kuczminska on Epicpxls

Agata Kuczminska provided us with these beautiful, hand-drawn cooking icons. You can see in the details of the icons that they are indeed hand-drawn. These icons are suitable if you’re planning to start your own food business. You can add these icons to the food menu. Download them here.

6. Asian Food Icon Pack

Asian Food Icon Pack — Konstantin Gareev on Epicpxls

Asia has a lot of really good food. Noodles, steamed bun, dumplings, sushi, and more. If you are planning to start your own Asian restaurant, then this icon set is the one for you! Created by Konstantin Gareev, these icons capture the essence of Asian culinary culture. Download them here.

7. Reebie3D Fast Food 3D Icons

Reebie3D Fast Food 3D Icons — Asyraf Aribi on Epicpxls

Quality over quantity. Asyraf Aribi showcased that with these icons. They’re so high quality, that you could almost touch them! These icons are suitable to use when you’re making an app that is food-related. Click here, and these icons will be yours!

8. Drinks — ‘Summer Food’ Icon Set

Drinks — ‘Summer Food’ Icon Set — Ben Bely on Epicpxls

Eating is fun, but it’s a lot more fun if you have something to drink! Luckily enough, Ben Bely made these drink-related icons. It has a clean, vibrant design, and the colors that were used complement each other! Take a sip, and click here to download this icon set.

9. Animated Food Icons

Animated Food Icons — Maria Nora Arnone on Epicpxls

Woah, they’re moving! Maria Nora Arnone was the one that brought these icons to life! The design itself is simple and minimalistic, but it looks dynamic because of the moving animation. Use this icon set to impress the people that visit your food web page or app! Download them here.

10. Summery Ice Cream Icons

Summery Ice Cream Icons — EpicCoders on Epicpxls

A meal is not complete without dessert! Created by EpicCoders, these icons are suitable if you want to start an ice cream business. It’s simple, but it has character. It’s not overdesigned and it isn’t a cluttered mess. The design is simple, yet effective! You can download this icon set here.

Those are our picks for the Top 10 food-related icons that are both free and great in terms of quality. It’s not every day you get to download high-quality icons without paying for anything, so what are you waiting for? Grab ‘em them all today!

You might ask yourself why you need these fonts. Well, here’s a scenario:

You’re a really good chef. Sure, you can probably serve really good food, but people are not going to be drawn by it if the icons and overall design of your platform don’t look good. You need to have something that captures the attention of potential customers. You can draw in more customers and clients by enthralling them with these icons.

Did you enjoy this list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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