Get Your Groove On With These Music-Inspired Mockups, Widgets, Graphics, and App Designs

There is no doubt that there is a truth in the saying “music is the language of the soul.” People become one and united by the power of…

Get Your Groove On With These Music-Inspired Mockups, Widgets, Graphics, and App Designs

There is no doubt that there is a truth in the saying “music is the language of the soul.” People become one and united by the power of music as it conveys a single message that touches both hearts and souls. The power music has been a part of our lives especially in today’s technology where anyone can virtually share their music in various avenues from stream sites to mobile apps.

Of course, you don’t need to learn how to play any instrument just to feel and enjoy any music. Even designers can be greatly influenced by any song that can tickle his or her creativity. That is why music is magical at times!

And to keep your creativity in the groove, here are some designs that are inspired and made for music projects. We bring you several app designs, widgets, mockups, and other items that you can use to instill the magic of music to your projects and make anyone starts to dance and bop to your tune!

PostIt iOS Reading App UI Kit

By Hello in Apps

There are only two words that best described this app design created by Hello: classy and sassy. The wow factor of this design comes with its dark theme and a minimalistic approach when it comes to its elements. It looks professional and at the same time superb for apps like a podcast, music, and video streaming.

It’s a great choice for anyone who is starting with designing to learn its rope and even for those who look for a design that they can customize.

PostIt iOS Reading App UI Kit
Flex your brain cells and give yourself a whole new learning experience with PostIt iOS Reading App. It is a complete packaged app design that comes wit…

Musicia Web App

By Ramandesigns9 in Apps

Take your music projects to the unbridled side of creativity with Musicia Web App by Ramandesigns9 which provides a cool appearance to your music-based site. Take a look at its color scheme that boasts eye-candy visuals and over 15 ready-to-use components that you included immediately to your project’s final touch. All its layers and components are well organized and give a very vivid appeal. Other than that, it is entirely customizable so you can take its beauty further to the next level.

Musicia Web App
Musicia Web App is undeniably great-looking app. It boasts a clean design, well-organized elements layout, and well-thought-out color schemes. As a whol…

Music Sales Report Mobile App UI

By Md Sakib in Apps

If you are the type who blends music and business well, this Music Sales Report Mobile App UI by Md Sakib is a definite must for your app design. It features both dark and light theme with comprehensive details and functional elements from real-time sales tracker and stream percentage so you can check how your music perform in streaming apps. Besides the clean and neat design, it is also done using Adobe XD so you can change its colors and sizes for your preference.

Music Sales Report Mobile app UI
Music Sales Report Mobile app design is a specialized UI kit created by MD Sakib for those budding artist who wants to boost their music streaming caree…

Music Player

By Brice Séraphin in Apps

Music today will not be complete your music player that can reflect your persona through your crafted playlist. This is what inspires this Music Player app design by Brice Seraphin which offers a clean, pixel-perfect look that undeniably brings a classic vibe to it. All its elements are organized perfectly for you to start designing but that’s not all; all its layers and colors are fully editable for you to create your own design for both presentation and project purposes.

Music Player
Check out this handy and classy Music Player created by Brice Seraphin that oozes with with top class designs…

Iphone X Music Screens

By Chetan Chouhan in Mockups

Capture the flawless beauty of the iPhone X music screen with this mockup created by our designer Chetan Chouhan. It presents a flat design with well-done vector elements that completely imitates that rea deal iPhone X screen. You can download it in a PSD format which means, you can tweak more its design to ace your presentation, music-related projects, or product demonstration. The good news here is that you can download this for free!

Iphone X Music Screens
Finding iPhone Music Screens? Well, check this creative flat design of an **iPhone X Music Screens** created with Adobe Photoshop! Featuring two music s…

Music App Ui Design Sample

By Parvesh Kumar in Mockups

Do you want to have not just 1 but 4 beautiful music app mockup designs in your arsenal? You don’t have to look far and hard because Parvesh Kumar offers this free yet quality-wise mockups for your music app needs. It comes with unique and varying designs to choose from for your presentations or online projects to showcase your item or product. All these designs are in layered PSD files and to give you more creative freedom, they are all customizable for your convenience.

Music App Ui Design Sample
Take your music to the next level with this brand new Music App design by Parvesh Kumar. It comes four distinct and…

Music Player and Album Art UI

By EpicCoders in Widgets

Get your playlist into a complete makeover with this fun and cool Music Player widget brought to you by EpicCoders. This widget provides simple and fast access to you music right in your mobile phone’s homescreen with few clicks only. It lets you view your fave music’s album art to get you in style while head-bopping or head-banging to the music! This widget kit is free to download so don’t miss a chance to include it in your set of widget designs for your future project.

Music player & Album art UI
Have you ever wish that your playlist will look awesome with colorful galore of album arts with matching sound waves display whenever you play that late…

Music Digital Release Promo Set

By imagifa in Graphics

As a budding artist, promoting your music is best done with a complete and astounding visual for your album cover and header. This is what imagifa brings with this promo set for music digital release. It’s a perfect choice for artists who are new to the digital music industry but has ready music for the world to listen to. This set comes with multi-color variations and easy to edit/easy to use format so you kickstart your music career with great graphics.

Music Digital Release Promo Set
Album cover design template Digital release album cover artwork template for DJs and producers of electronic music like techno, tech-house, minimal, tra…

Go and follow your melody with these awesome designs that let you unravel the power of music to your current projects. We hope this can get inspired and creative as you work your apps and sites.

💖 Happy designing and get lost to the beautiful beat! 🎵✨

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