Beautify That 404: Top 10 Stylish Error Page Designs and Themes

A witty UX for your 404 pages might actually be your key to winning your biggest client.

Beautify That 404: Top 10 Stylish Error Page Designs and Themes

Everyone knows by heart what the dreaded number 404 means. It can pop up anywhere and anytime while you are browsing the net upon clicking just a single link. And in a blink of an eye, you got the infamous line that says “404 Not Found.” All the contents you expect on a web page are seemingly gone with the wind.

For beginners, an error page can still make you go panic and often put you in a nervous state. “What did I do?” is often the question that keeps on bugging you as your screen flashes the number 404. Commonly, the error 404 message occurs not because you did something wrong on the internet. The website owner of the link you click is actually the one who is responsible for this since this error code happens when the content on a page is removed or transferred to another URL.

While some webpage owners didn’t mind at all the design of their own error page, creating a witty or creative UX for your own 404 pages can actually become a medium for you to propel your branding to your clients. Making these error pages with a touch of little creativity can help you leave a memorable impression on anyone who visits your site. And who knows this might be your key to winning your biggest client.

To help you design the perfect error page of your site, here are some awesome UX, themes, and layout from Epicpxls that provides the stylish appearance of that 404. Whether you want to achieve a minimalist look or something quirky and humorous, we got you all covered!

404 Page Design by George Samuel

in Themes

There is nothing cuter than having an error page design with a lovable kid and the popular tagline “WHOOPS” that greets your webpage visitor when 404 suddenly flashes.

404 Page Design by George Samuel — Epicpxls

Who could resist such a charming and funny design that can even give anyone a smile upon seeing it instead of scratching their head in annoyance? This premium web theme by the designer George Samuel also provides tons of design that you can check out on his shop on Epicpxls.

Download this amazing theme in PSD here: 👇

404 page design
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404 — Not Found Empty State Screens For Web

By Sharang Deo in UI Kits

If you want to make your page look aesthetically pleasing even with that error page, you will surely love to have this UI kit by Sharang Deo that boasts modern-looking illustrations with a touch of minimalism.

404 — Not Found Empty State Screens For Web — Epicpxls

The kit provides 5 different screen design that looks posh even with 404. Best of all, you can fully customize each of these whether you want to modify their colors and sizes. Each web screens are available in XD, SVG, JPG, and PNG format.

Get this set of aesthetic screen designs here: 👇

404-Not Found Empty State Screens for Web
Stylish empty state UI? Quirky “Page Not Found” design? That is now possible thanks to the cool UI kits created Sharang Deo that oozes a modern, beatifu…

404 Page by George Samuel

in Themes

Sometimes it’s not about the most colorful nor the most exotic design to win someone’s heart. There are times that it only took a simple yet funny image with a witty caption to accompany it can make the difference.

404 Page by George Samuel — Epicpxls

This web theme by George Samuel can prove that one with his unique 404 page design that features an empty chair with the obvious yet humorous line “NOBODY HERE” which provides a different version of error page to catch your attention.

You can download this classy catchy theme in PSD format here: 👇

404 page
With the right design and captions, your usual 404 error page can be a tool to generate more clients interest and engagement. And if you need the right…

Error State Illustrations Pack 02 by Freeslab88

in Illustrations

Make your error page gorgeous and put some kick of creativity on theme with stand-out illustrations for webpage and mobile apps by Freeslab88. Say goodbye to those tiresome errors and empty states pages with these 5 unique graphics that you utilize in your own website or even use it on your presentation for added style bonus. Each of these illustrations is vector-based and if your imagination is at its peak, you can even change their styles and colors. This premium item can be downloaded either in JPG, PNG, PDF, or SVG format.

Go, and download these creatively gorgeous illustrations here: 👇

Error State Illustration_Pack 02
Create a unique illustration for a website, application, or presentation. This illustration pack really helps your digital needs. You can use this illus…

404 Error Page by Priyankbusa

in Templates

Of course, even on mobile phones, you can also encounter a 404 error page once in a while. But we bet you would rarely encounter a page error with a cuddly penguin notifying you that the page you click doesn’t exist.

404 Error Page by Priyankbusa — Epicpxls

This is a template design made by Priyankbusa for mobile which features a template screen under the resolution of 414x896 px. Its layers and groups are already organized and ready to use. You can download this premium template in XD and PNG format.

To download this rare template, just click here: 👇

404 Error Page
Have your usual 404 error page a fun and cuddl Illustration with this teme designed by Priyankbusa You can use it to whatever project your are working w…

Empty States — Mobile Freebie by Kishore

in UI Kits

Empty States — Mobile Freebie by Kishore — Epicpxls

Why settle for a boring error page where you can have a variety of designs to use. Do you want it to give laughter or do you want to make it look cute and good-looking?

Kishore provides a collection of UI kits for mobile screens that you can download for free. The selection is quite huge from funny to professional-looking error page designs. Though it looks basic with only an image and text tagline, these designs are sure to make anyone’s day even with the number 404 on their screen.

Empty States — Mobile Freebie by Kishore — Epicpxls

Grab these professional-looking UI kits for FREE here: 👇

Empty States - Mobile - Freebie
**Empty states** can display a wide variety of content. For example, they can include a list without list items, or a search that returns no results. Al…

Error Pack (Something Went Wrong) by Priyankbusa

in Templates

Error Pack (Something Went Wrong) by Priyankbusa

When the line that says “Something Went Wrong” pops up, you obviously expect a dull page with a measly text on them.

But if you want to give a makeover for your own 404 pages, here is something by designer Priyankbusa that is a must for someone who looks for an adorable template.

Error Pack (Something Went Wrong) by Priyankbusa — Epicpxls

These templates come with simple but fun Slurpee and Cow popsicle design which are all scalable under 414x896 px. You can now download this premium pack in PNG format for you to try on your mobile phone apps.

This adorable template can be downloaded here: 👇

Error Pack ( something went wrong )
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404 Daily UI Challenge Day 8/100 by George Samuel

in Templates

Do you want to take that gangsta vibe on your error page? Well, here is a cool and in-your-face premium template that can help you gain some street rep by George Samuel.

404 Daily UI Challenge Day 8/100 by George Samuel — Epicpxls

It features a tough-looking illustration emphasized by the classy yet hardcore black background and a headstrong text that send off nothing but swag to anyone who visits your page. This template can be downloaded in PSD format.

Download this cool street style template here: 👇

404 | Daily UI challenge - Day 008/100
Do you want to put that tough vibes on your 404 error page? Then show what your site really got with this stylish but manly interaction design by George…

Empty State Collection Vol .1 (ES5) by Priyankbusa

in Templates

Empty State Collection Vol .1 (ES5) by Priyankbusa — Epicpxls

Priyankbusa offers another premium template that can turn your normal empty state or error pages into something irresistibly and exciting with simple but charming designs. This 1st collection introduces 5 unique templates with all are 100% scalable vectors. They are all two-colored for easy import to the apps you are working with. You can download this template collection in XD format so you can start beautifying your page today.

Feel free to download these unique charming templates here: 👇

Empty State Collection Vol. 1 ( ES5 )
Our designer Priyankbusa is now providing tons and tons of design colections to beautify your empty state page and error page design on your mobile apps…

Empty State Collection Vol. (ES2) by Priyankbusa

in Templates

Take cuteness to the next level and give your error page a dose of charm with this another collection of premium templates starring a hugable pig design and a happy ghost to notify your web page’s visitors.

Empty State Collection Vol. (ES2) by Priyankbusa — Epicpxls

Boost your engagement with them by tickling their heart with 3 templates which all of them are vector-based for you to edit or modify. You can download this beautiful collection in Adobe XD format which is also a perfect match even for mobile apps.

You can get these super cute templates here: 👇

Empty State Collection Vol. 1 ( ES2 )
Why not settle for a boring empty state screen and error page when you can revamp them with overflowing charm and humor? Here is another collection of t…

That’s a wrap for your 404-page design! Remember that even with a normal to at a times dreaded error page, you can even capitalize it to keep your clients coming to your page.

💖 All it takes is a design that can totally make your site unforgettable. ✨

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