A Comprehensive Guide on Typography in App UI Design

Have you ever got to listen to different comments regarding your website including text size and text placement? If yes, you surely have…

A Comprehensive Guide on Typography in App UI Design

Have you ever got to listen to different comments regarding your website including text size and text placement? If yes, you surely have known the importance of typography till now. Typography is one of the most significant elements that can’t be neglected at any cost. Without the proper use of typography, you surely suffer loss at the end,

It is an art that lets you properly and effectively arrange the text in the design to give your users the best experience when they visit your website. As an experienced typeface designer, you surely realize how important it is to pay consideration to every aspect of typography but if you are a newbie you surely need to learn a lot of things.

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If you are about to create an app but need a guideline to begin the process here you are with a detailed article on this scenario. Let’s start the guide and talk over all the important points comprehensively.

1. Conveys an Accurate Vibe

If you are a mobile designs expert then you know that every typeface conveys a particular and specific mood and vibe. You can take an example of any font out there for testing purpose but here we will go with a Montserrat font family that provides you with traditional feelings while on the other hand script fonts have entirely different vibes to offer. In such case you have to observe what type of brand you are offering.

If a brand demand traditional feeling then goes with Monserrat while if you want to convey friendly feelings choose Kyltyre font that is ideal for such a case. The font you choose should complement the message that you want to convey through your brand. It is the top-most factor to consider while improving your UI design.

2. Be Careful Regarding Font Size

Font size is another important aspect in App UI Design about which you should be extra careful. Always remember that readability is very important in every design. If your reader can’t understand your design content how come they will perceive the message that you want to convey?

Choosing too large size and too small size is inappropriate because small size is hard to read and too large size will make the text odd. Hence, always consider the size that goes best with the design context. With experiments, you can figure out which font will be suitable for mobile apps.

3. Be Limited with the Font Selection

The most common mistake that designers often make is using maximum fonts in a single design. Be limited with the font usage and only go for a maximum of 3 fonts. However, ensure that the two fonts you select should complement each other so that it doesn’t look odd to the reader.

If you are still in doubt that how to choose fonts then select 1 font for the heading, 1 for the subheading while the last one for the text. It is the simplest way to stick to the 3 fonts for the entire design.

4. Don’t ignore Grammar Issues

We all know that mistakenly change the spellings can change the entire meaning so on the other hand ignoring the grammar mistakes can also have an adverse impact on the design. If you do not focus on grammar and spelling mistakes your reader might perceive the wrong message. Hence focus on both issues to avoid future conflicts.

5. Create a Hierarchy

Creating a Hierarchy in App UI Design is another essential aspect. It is another important and worth mentioning rule to follow. This will help in a simpler route, a better association of each component just as it will help the reader to find the exact information easily. If you want to create a better hierarchy the things that you need to consider and follow include:

  • Give attention to contrast and color
  • Give a proper spacing between words and sentences
  • Have proper knowledge of fonts selection
  • Prioritize important information with font size

6. Spacing and Alignment are Important

Aren’t you one of those who ignore spacing and alignment issues? If yes, you are making a big mistake. Never forget that these 2 factors make a huge difference in the design that you will notice later. If you put the right alignment and spacing your reader will find it quite easy to understand and read the data. On the other hand, if you will not specify these points properly, they will have a tough time reading the content.

Communication flow is important in every design. If the flow breaks, the interest of the user will also break and they will no longer be interested in your content. Hence, it is very important to maintain the flow that is possible with the right spacing and alignment.

7. Do Not Go For Design Fad

In case you are not aware of design fad, it is a style or interest that doesn’t last for long and only survives for a couple of months. If you go for design fads in your design you won’t get facilitated for a long time. Hence, it is better to avoid using it in your design. After the trend goes, you will need to change it so why not avoid using it at the start?

8. Practice Typography

You surely have heard that practice makes a man perfect so it is better to keep experimenting with the typography. Give your maximum time to typography and in the end, you will surely become a pro at it. With each practice, you will get to learn new informative things that will help you to create a perfect design. It is the last factor that you should think about for App UI Design.

9. Short But Meaningful

As a designer, you should know how to make people understand your point of view without explaining too much. The user doesn’t have enough time to read anything in detail, so you should know the art of making people acknowledge what you are saying without writing too much. Be short yet meaningful so that the user doesn’t lose interest. It is one of the most significant elements to maintain the interest of the user.


If you want to be perfect in designing a mobile app, you should consider every aspect of typography effectively. Perfect typography is the one that perfectly matches the design tone. Always make sure that the fonts you choose should convey an accurate message to the reader. Typography is something that should never be taken on a lighter note.

It is a detailed guide on making a perfect mobile app design. By following the above-mentioned rules, you can surely create a perfect design. I hope this guide will help you in this regard in the future. Consider this guide before designing any app as it will be helpful for you throughout the designing process.

Guest post by Sofia David

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