12 Awesome (and free!) UI Kits to build an app from scratch

How to build an app from scratch, like from zero? Well, good news! It doesn’t need to be that way, here are 12 awesome UI Kits and FREE app

12 Awesome (and free!) UI Kits to build an app from scratch

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How to build an app from scratch, like from zero? Well, good news! It doesn’t need to be that way, here are 12 awesome UI Kits and FREE app designs to help you start building your dream mobile apps now.

User Interface or simply UI is one of the main weaknesses of an app. The usability of your app greatly depends upon its design; whether it is an iOS or Android app, it needs a great UI design to start. Easy to understand UI plus good-looking design concepts is equal to UX design that users surely prefer. However, designing and conceptualizing apps can be really that difficult to do and very time-consuming. Because of that, whether you are really starting from scratch or just in need of some App UI Kit inspiration — crafted with modern designs, minimalistic and UI/UX trends for 2019 — I’ve listed awesome and free 12 UI Kits that will help you get started with your creative journey in designing and building an app. Check them out now!

1. Sobo Mobile UI Kit

Format: Photoshop PSD

With over 100+ ready-to-use UI screens, it has all you need to start in whatever app category you want. Is it e-commerce, buy and sell, blog, reader, social media, gallery, news, statistics — you name it. You also have a modern and minimalistic design that blends well with its bright color palettes and some gradients. With its perfect combination of different elements altogether, whatever app you want to build right away, it ensures you both UI and UX goodness altogether.

And yes, this is 100% layered, uses vector shapes, is organized, and is ready for customization.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/sobo-mobile-ui-kit

2. Harmony UI Kit

Format: Sketch

Whether you are creating a map-based mobile app or are looking for App UI Designs to be inspired for, Harmony app concept UI Kit has all the modern and simplest elements that come together to create such a great UI/UX design that users will surely love.

It is a mobile app concept for finding and sharing hiking places around you, and with its flat design and green gradient, it makes you know why it gets the name “Harmony” because all the elements harmonize to be a great UI Kit you can download for your next map-based / location app.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/harmony-ui-kit-for-sketch

3. Mountify Mobile UI Kit

Format: Photoshop PSD | Sketch

Includes 150 highly customizable, fully layered PSD and Sketch files that use vector shapes, this mobile app UI Kit makes a great starting point that you can use as both inspiration and tool for the UI design of your next social media app.

It features five (5) categories: Login/Sign Up, Walkthrough, Navigations, Social Media and Profile, plus lots of designs you can choose from for every category. The designs are all modern, minimal, use flat graphics with such good color palettes that are all in line with 2019 UI/UX mobile app trends and the years to come.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/mountify-mobile-ui-kit

4. Atro: Free UI Kit

Format: Figma | Adobe Xd | Sketch

Atro is a beautiful UI Kit that you can easily start whatever app is in your mind especially for social media apps. This gorgeous looking and vibrant UI Kit has over 12 categories that you can use for your app’s starting point. Every category has different screens you can choose from and all have perfectly pair of color schemes and yet minimal that makes it a trend for 2019 UI/UX mobile apps and the years to come. Use it as an inspiration and an awesome UI Kit to can start your app today!

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/atro-free-ui-kit-with-12-ready-made-app-screens

5. Bas Free UI Kit

Format: Photoshop PSD

All the trendy colors and trendy graphical elements come together to present you Bas, a mobile app UI Kit you can easily use to start your next mobile app. It also makes a good starting point for a social media app for it comes with categories like Walkthrough, Sign In/Sign Up, Profile, Messages, Feed, Navigation, Admin. Just download this UI Kit and start integrating it on your mobile app.

And yes, it is fully customizable and has lots of UI designs to choose from over 60+ UI app screens.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/bas-free-ui-kit

6. InVision Studio — Spaced Source Files

Dark material, modern, glitch designs — Invision Studio App Concept makes on the list of the UI/UX trend for 2019. It features 7 screens in different categories that set the trend for your next mobile app. Feel free to use it as an inspiration and as a great tool to design and build your apps.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/invision-studio-spaced-source-files

7. M-Indicator App Concept Freebie

Format: Adobe XD

Modern, minimalistic and very easy to use UI is what this M-Indicator App Concept UI Kit gives you. Specifically, it is a transportation app concept that you use as an inspiration and as a tool to build your next transportation mobile app. It has 7 categories and 7 screens that are fully-layered, uses vector shapes and customizable. Unleash your creativity now and start your next app.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/m-indicator-app-concept-freebie

8. E-Comm Adobe XD UI Kit

Format: Adobe XD

E-commerce apps are really on such a demand in our modern world — there are a lot of buys and sells, and it is much popular if it has an online store or an online app store like Lazada and Amazon. From that, let me share you this free e-commerce app UI Kit, it is simple and has bright colored elements that are very easy to navigate. With its easy to use UI/UX design, it surely makes a great tool to kick-start your online business today.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/e-comm-adobe-xd-ui-kit

9. Restaurant App Design UI Kit

Format: Adobe XD

Still looking for the perfect UI kit to start your dream mobile application? Well, here is a Restaurant App Design UI Kit, through its elegant color accents, sleek and minimal design, it doesn’t matter if you are creating a mobile app for restaurants, food or another app. Because whatever app you are creating, this UI/UX design already makes such a good inspiration and a starting point to unleash your creativity — right now. And if it is really indeed a restaurant or a food app, its clean design makes the best way to make your users drool over pictures of food on their screens. So download it now and have all these six (6) categories. Customize it freely and use it the way your creativity tells you.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/restaurant-app-design-ui-kit

10. Music Player

Format: Photoshop PSD

Are you also obsessing with Spotify’s UI design — those trendy designs? Or with dark mode apps? Well, this Music Player’s UI Kit also makes such great UI designs that you can also be inspired for. Trendy, dark material with such cool gradient combinations, this UI Kit will surely make your music experience much more amazing. Its design makes such a trend for 2019 UI/UX mobile apps. Download it now and get a lot of inspiration on your next projects. Or use it as a great tool to build your music apps now!

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/music-player-free-download

11. Crypto Portfolio Tracker UI Kit

Format: Adobe XD

Another dark material app to start your crypto apps! With 10+ categories and over 70+ unique screens to choose from, this Crypto Portfolio Tracker UI Kit makes a great way to start building your apps now or quickly prototype and design beautiful interfaces for crypto mobile applications. Not only that the design is a beautiful design, but its UX is also in good design for the users.

And yes, all graphics are in vector format and well-organized so you can easily edit and bring to your mobile app project now!

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/crypto-portfolio-tracker-ui-kit-for-ios

12. Finance UI kit — Binary trade App

Format: Photoshop PSD

There is something with a good design and proper arrangement of elements that make a UI/UX a great design for the users. This Finance UI Kit, while last on our list is definitely not the least. Featuring six (6) categories and screens that incorporate a sleek and modern design plus informational graphics, it makes the best UI Kit you can now start your finance app.

Download it here: https://www.epicpxls.com/items/finance-ui-kit-binary-trade-app

And, that’s it, the 12 awesome and free UI Kits to help you build an app from scratch. I hope that I have helped you a lot with picking the right UI Kit. Oh, I’m sure I’ve skipped other amazing UI Kits. Why don’t you share it with us in the comment section? Let’s make our numbers continue growing! If you are searching for more UI Kits, feel free to download them here at https://www.epicpxls.com. We have a lot to share with you from free to premium design resources!

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